August 22, 2023, KB5029351 (OS Build 22621.2215) Preview (2023)

release date:

22. august 2023


OS Build 22621.2215

See the Windows update types and updates articlemonthly quality updateinformation about conditionsVan Windows Update. withupdate history pageAn overview of Windows 11 version 22H2.

Commentfollow@Windows updateFind out when new content is released to the Windows Release Status Dashboard.

most important point

  • the! This update adds a new hover behavior to the search box. A search popup may appear when you hover over it. You can adjust this behavior by right-clicking on the taskbar. Then select Taskbar Settings to change the search box experience.

  • This update supports the Israeli daylight saving time change.

  • This update fixes an issue affecting the search icon. When you select it, the Search app won't open. This happens after the machine is in sleep mode.

  • This update improves the reliability of the search application.

  • This update fixes an issue affecting the TAB key. Additional action is required to use it to browse search results.

  • This update fixes an issue affecting Narrator. The search field on the taskbar and the search light in the search field are not recognized correctly.

  • This update fixes an issue affecting the size of the search box. Reduced size in tablet position mode on Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Book devices.


This non-security update contains quality improvements. When installing this KB article:

  • the! This update adds new functionality that affects the application's default settings. seeA principled approach to application fixing and application standards in Windowsat vide mere information.

  • the! This release adds a new policy called "Enable optional updates". Administrators can use it to configure monthly optional cumulative updates for commercial devices. You can also use this strategy to graduallyControlled Function Realization (CFR).withEnable and manage optional updates for your organizationMere information.

  • This update resolves an issue affecting the Group Policy service. It will not wait 30 seconds (this is the default wait time) for the network to be available. The policy cannot therefore be treated correctly.

  • This update adds new APIs for D3D12 standalone devices. You can use it to create multiple D3D12 devices on the same adapter. seeD3D12 Standalone deviceat vide mere information.

  • This update fixes an issue affecting WS_EX_LAYERED windows. The window may appear to be the wrong size or position. This happens when you zoom in on the screen.

  • This update resolves an issue that affects print jobs sent to the virtual print queue. They fail without fail.

  • This update fixes an issue that causes high CPU usage. This happens when you enable the "fBlockNonDomain" policy.

  • This update resolves an issue affecting disk partitions. The system may stop working. This happens after you delete a disk partition and add space from the deleted partition to an existing BitLocker partition.

  • This update fixes an issue that causes Windows to crash. This happens when you use BitLocker on storage media with large sector sizes.

  • This update fixes an issue affecting Remote Desktop sessions. Sometimes when you try to log into a session, you receive an incorrect error message.

  • This update fixes an issue affecting the Start Menu icon. They disappeared after the first login.

  • This update fixes an issue affecting settings. Even if you enable the switch on the Windows Backup page in the Settings app, they won't sync.

  • This update resolves an issue affecting the generated set of policies (RSOP). The BackupDirectory Windows LAPS policy setting is not reported. This happens when the option is set to 1. This is "backup to AAD".

  • This update resolves an issue affecting users of Windows Update for Business. After being asked to change the password when logging in, the change fails. Then you cannot register. The error code is 0xc000006d.

  • This update resolves an issue that affects Microsoft Excel. It stops responding. This happens when you press the Ctrl or Shift key while using a Japanese input method editor (IME).

If you have installed previous updates, only new updates in this package will be downloaded and installed on your device.

Windows 11 Service Stack Update - 22621.2061

This update improves the quality of the service stack. This is the part that installs Windows updates. Servicing Stack Updates (SSU) ensures that you have a robust and reliable servicing stack so that your devices can receive and install Microsoft updates.

Known issues in this update

apply to


temporary solution

all users

Microsoft has received reports of an issue where users would receive an "UNSUPPORTED_PROCESSOR" error message on a blue screen after installing an update released on August 22, 2023 and restarting their device. This update may be removed automatically so Windows can start as expected.

If you encounter issues, use the Feedback Hub to set up reporting by following these steps:

  1. OpenfeedbackcenterOpen the Start menu and type "Feedback Hub" or clickWindows-tast + Fadvance

  2. Complete the "Summary of your feedback" and "Explain in more detail" fields, then click Next.

  3. In the Select a Category section, click the question button and select the Install and Update category. Then select the Download, install, and configure Windows Update subcategory. Click Next.

  4. Under the "Find similar feedback" section, select the radio button "Create a new bug" and click Next.

  5. In the "Add more details" section, provide all relevant details (note: this is not essential to solving your problem).

  6. Expand the field "Personalize my question" and press "Start recording". Reproduce the issue on your device.

  7. Tap "Stop Recording" when you're done. Click the "Send" button.

withSend feedback to Microsoft using the Feedback Hub appat vide mere information.

We are currently investigating whether this is a Microsoft induced issue. We will provide an update when more information becomes available.

How to download this update

before installing this update

Microsoft combines the latest service stack update (SSU) with the latest cumulative update (LCU) for your operating system. seeService stack updateandService Stack Updates (SSU): Frequently Asked QuestionsGeneral information about SSU.

install this update

post of


Next step

Microsoft Update til Windows Update


gomechanism>& Safety>Update Windows Update. in the areaOptional updates availableYou will find links to download and install the update.

Windows Update for Enterprise


None. These changes will be included in the next security update for the channel.

Microsoft Update-katalog


To download the standalone package for this update, visit the websiteMicrosoft Update-katalog.

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)


You can manually import this update to WSUS. seeMicrosoft Update-katalogfor instructions.

If you want to remove the LCU

To remove the LCU after installing the combined SSU and LCU package, use the command line optionDISM/Remove PackageTakes the name of the LCU package as an argument. You can find the package name with:DISM /online/get package.

PerformanceWindows Update Standalone Installer(run program)andchange/uninstallDoes not work on bundles because bundles contain SSU. You cannot remove SSU from your system after installation.

file information

Pick upFile details for cumulative update 5029351Check the list of files included in this update.

Pick upFile information for SSU - Version 22621.2061List of files that are part of the service stack update.


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