Daredevil Season 2: 5 More Villains The Show Needs (2023)

Daredevil Season 2: 5 More Villains The Show Needs (1)

Warning: Spoilersnight devilSeason 1 is coming!

If you're a Marvel fan, chances are you checked out (or watched every) Netflix episode this weekendnight devil, which introduced the Marvel Universe's version of Matt Murdoch and his war on crime in Hell's Kitchen. Although Daredevil fights various criminals while wearing a mask, his most recognizable antagonist in the comics is primary antagonist Wilson Fisk (aka Wilson Fisk).chef, and Fisker's accountant, Leland Owlsely. At the end of the first season, Fisk was imprisoned and Olsley, who never played the role of Owl in the TV series, was killed after Fisk pushed him down the elevator shaft, giving the villains the opportunity to confront the new Crimson Option - A man in a suit, fearless.

It's only been three days nownight devilPremiere, so no word yet on whether it will returnsecond season, although one of his main comic antagonists, Zebediah Killgrave, better known as The Purple Man, will appear in the Netflix seriesalias jessica jones. Fortunately, Daredevil has a sizable rogues gallery compared to most superheroes, so the creative team will have no trouble picking enemies for him to fight. here's the villainnight devilIf it returns for another season in the next few years, it must be used.

Daredevil Season 2: 5 More Villains The Show Needs (2)

5. Stilts

That's right, one of Daredevil's oldest enemies is a guy on stilts. The first and most common stilt man, Wilbur Day, debuted in 1965 as a thief wearing armor with telescoping legs that allowed him to grow hundreds of feet. Equipped with a stun gun and various other gadgets, he also began his criminal career. Unfortunately, over the years he proved to be an inept supervillain, repeatedly defeated by Daredevil and several other superheroes and ridiculed by other villains. We're not kidding that people on stilts make the best antagonist material. At best, we can see him as a minor annoyance that Daredevil has dealt with once or twice; but still, seeing how the Marvel Cinematic Universe casts the man on stilts as a real threat, rather than just a joke villain, it's going to be fun. If you look carefully, you might be able to spot the Stiltman's characteristic metal legs in Melvin Potter's workshop, so maybe one day a little Easter egg will become a reality.

Daredevil Season 2: 5 More Villains The Show Needs (3)

4. Mr. Fear

The name Mr. Fear has been used by numerous individuals over the decades, and each iteration has used the same trick: administering a specific drug that instills fear, anxiety, and even terrifying hallucinations in the victims. The trick to using Mister Fear in the MCU is not to make his fear hallucinogen look like the scarecrow's fear gas.dark knightThe Narcotics of the Earl of Vertigo eller Trilogypil. Having the hero confront his greatest fear has happened many times before, so if Daredevil were to face Mister Fear, there would have to be a different kind of hook to separate him from other fear-based supervillains. Thinking outside the box, the show could take a Larry Cranston version of the character and remove everyone's fear of death in Hell's Kitchen. Instead of having everyone incapacitated by fear, Daredevil has to deal with a society that acts ruthlessly, which is worse in many ways.

3. Typhus Mary

Like the historical figure, Marvel's Typhus Mary is a dangerous one. Her psychic abilities are related to her split personality, which she developed from childhood abuse. Which of her three selves (Mary, Typhoid, and Bloody Mary) is controlled determines how powerful she is. She has been Daredevil's enemy and lover over the years, but as a villain, she has often been one of King's favorite assassins. So if Wilson Fisk returns, we might see her employed by him. Although Daredevil has fought skilled villains in the Netflix series, he has yet to fight anyoneactual superpowersSo using Marie could be a great way to open up Daredevil's world to the more fantastical side of the MCU while also giving him a tragic love story.

Daredevil Season 2: 5 More Villains The Show Needs (5)

2. Hand

One of Wilson Fisk's associates in the first season is Shin, a Japanese businessman who works for a mysterious organization. He is also a skilled ninja in the episode "Demon Words", nearly killing Daredevil before being burned alive. Although not confirmed, his uniform and fighting skills are reminiscent of the mysterious ninja evil organization "The Hand". If the series can be renewed for another season, it would be great to see the duo officially revealed andkampFearless. It also gives us a little more insight into the organization the sticks belong to in the show, which will likely be the Hand's sworn enemy, the Order of Chastity, in the comics. We know from the events of Black Sky being smuggled into the country that Nobu's group is up to something more sinister than normal crime, so let's see what they're up to and introduce their more magical traits. Even better, if Kim escapes from prison, make him the new leader of the Hand, as he is now in the comics.

Daredevil Season 2: 5 More Villains The Show Needs (6)

1. Bullseye

This goes without saying. If Kim isn't considered Daredevil's worst enemy, Bullseye is a close second. Calling himself "The Never-False Man", Bullseye is able to turn almost any object into a projectile weapon; best of all, it's not a superpower. It's just a natural skill. He has been an enemy of Daredevil since the late 70s and was often responsible for many of the tragedies in Matt Murdoch's life, such as killing Erica. DeKnight has said that Bullseye is being considered for season two, so if he is included, he would make an excellent primary or secondary antagonist if King returns. Plus, the character needed live-action redemption after Colin Farrell's underwhelming performance in the 2003 film. Just focus on making MCU Bullseye a badass assassin who can use anything to fightnight devil. Oh, and no target symbol etched on his forehead this time. Give him something that at least partially resembles his cartoon costume.

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