January 26, 2023, KB5022360 (OS Build 22621.1194) Preview (2023)

release date:

26 January 2023


OS Build 22621.1194

See the Windows update types and updates articlemonthly quality updateinformation about conditionsVan Windows Update. withupdate history pageAn overview of Windows 11 version 22H2.

Commentfollow@Windows updateFind out when new content is released to the Windows Release Status Dashboard.

most important point

  • This update fixes issues that may occur when the Input Method Editor (IME) is running. Applications may stop responding when you use the mouse and keyboard at the same time.

  • This update fixes an issue that may occur when converting or re-converting Japanese Kanji using multibyte character set (MBCS) programs. As you type, the cursor may move to the wrong location.

  • This update fixes an issue that affects image files found using taskbar search. This problem prevents you from opening these images in the photo program of your choice.

  • This update fixes an issue that prevented you from searching for files based on their contents.

  • This update fixes an issue affecting some game controllers. When a gamepad is connected to the computer, the computer may not enter sleep mode.


This non-security update contains quality improvements. When installing this KB article:

  • the!This update changes the preview experience for .NET Framework updates. After installing this update, all future previews of (optional) .NET Framework updates will be displayed on the pageSettings > Windows Update > Advanced settings > Optional updates. On this page you can decide which optional updates to install.

  • This update addresses the impactSearch for Indexer.exe.It randomly blocks you from logging in or out.

  • This update resolves resource conflicts (also known as deadlocks) between two or more threads. This deadlock affects COM+ applications.

  • This update addresses the impactconhost.exe.It stops responding.

  • This update resolves an issue that may affect Domain Name System (DNS) suffix lookups. When you configure it, the parent domain may be missing.

  • This update resolves an issue that may affectfindwindow()offind window Ex(). They may return the wrong window handle.

  • This update resolves an issue that affects some systems with Trusted Platform Module firmware. (Total Production Management). This issue prevents you from setting up these systems with AutoPilot.

  • This update addresses the impactrun program. It stops responding when connecting to RemoteApp and Desktop Connection.

  • This update resolves an issue that causes Windows Server 2022 domain controllers (DCs) to stop responding. This happens when they process Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) requests.

  • This update resolves an issue affecting MSba Resilient File System (ReFS) labeling. The problem caused the pool to leak out of the turnaround.

  • This update resolves an issue affecting ReFS. This issue can lead to a high non-paging file which can drain system memory.

  • This update resolves an issue affecting device operationMicrosoft Exploit Protection Export Address Filtering (EAF) anvendt. Some programs stop responding or won't open. These include Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader.

  • This update fixes an issue that may affect applications that use Microsoft Edgewebvising 2Used to display content. Programs that use WebView2 include Microsoft Office andwidget app. The content may appear empty or grayed out.

  • This update fixes a Group Policy issue affecting popup extensions.

  • This update changes how Windows Diagnostic Processor Configuration is enabled in preparation forEU data border support. withAktiver Windows Processor Configuration for Diagnosticsat vide mere information.

If you have installed previous updates, only new updates in this package will be downloaded and installed on your device.

Windows 11 Service Stack Update - 22621.1190

This update improves the quality of the service stack. This is the part that installs Windows updates. Servicing Stack Updates (SSU) ensures that you have a robust and reliable servicing stack so that your devices can receive and install Microsoft updates.

Known issues in this update

apply to


temporary solution

IT administrator

Copying large GB files (several GB) may take longer than expected on Windows 11 version 22H2. You're more likely to experience this issue when copying files from a network share to Windows 11, version 22H2 via Server Message Block (SMB), but copying files locally can also be affected. Consumer Windows devices used in homes or small offices are unlikely to be affected by this issue.

This issue has been resolvedKB5022913.

IT administrator

After installing updates released on or after January 10, 2023, kiosk device profiles with automatic login enabled may not be able to log in automatically. After the autopilot finishes configuring, the affected devices will remain on the login screen and request credentials.

This issue has been resolvedKB5023778.

IT administrator

You may experience intermittent problems saving, copying, or attaching files using 32-bit programs thatgreat address awarenessand useAPI file copy. Windows devices may be affected by this issue when you use certain commercial or enterprise security software that uses extended file attributes. Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel are only affected if you are using the 32-bit version, and you may receive a "document not saved" error.

Consumers using Windows devices at home or on unmanaged business devices are less likely to experience this issue. Programs are not affected by this issue if they are 64-bit or 32-bitgreat address awareness.

This issue has been resolvedKB5027231.

How to download this update

before installing this update

Microsoft combines the latest service stack update (SSU) with the latest cumulative update (LCU) for your operating system. seeService stack updateandService Stack Updates (SSU): Frequently Asked QuestionsGeneral information about SSU.

install this update

post of


Next step

Microsoft Update til Windows Update


gomechanism>& Safety>Update Windows Update. in the areaOptional updates availableYou will find links to download and install the update.

Windows Update for Enterprise


None. These changes will be included in the next security update for the channel.

Microsoft Update-katalog


To download the standalone package for this update, visit the websiteMicrosoft Update-katalog.

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)


You can manually import this update to WSUS. seeMicrosoft Update-katalogfor instructions.

If you want to remove the LCU

To remove the LCU after installing the combined SSU and LCU package, use the command line optionDISM/Remove PackageTakes the name of the LCU package as an argument. You can find the package name with:DISM /online/get package.

PerformanceWindows Update Standalone Installer(run program)andchange/uninstallDoes not work on bundles because bundles contain SSU. You cannot remove SSU from your system after installation.

file information

Pick upFile details for cumulative update 5022360List of files included in this update.

Pick upFile information for SSU - Version 22621.1190List of files that are part of the service stack update.


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