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March 6, 2023VonHugo Weißkopf

The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (1)

As the old saying goes, if you don't have a suit, you end up owning the suits. Love it or hate it, the suit is an essential part of every man's wardrobe. Whether you're a business aficionado who wears one to the office every day, or just have a spare pair for those really special occasions, this guide is here to make sure you look your best and feel good in your suit.

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  • How to buy a suit online:
  • What is in fashion now
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  • size and fit
  • Short time: here are our top picks

How to buy a suit online:

What is in fashion now

As with all clothing, some styles never go out of style, and that's more true of suits than most other men's clothing. A straight-cut tailored suit in a classic color—black, grey, navy, or even dark brown—will do the trick.alwaysthey look good when paired with a light shirt anddark shoes.

So if this is your first proper rodeo or you're not quite sure which look to choose, our advice is: keep it classic, keep it simple.

However, a few trends are making waves so far this year: oversized cuts, baggy pants, and a general "that old rag? It's just a thrift store pickup..." vibes have dominated the audience. awards seasons in 2023.

It's a bold look and not for the faint of heart, but if you're a suit connoisseur looking for a statement piece this year, this is it.


Various materials are available for men's suits. You can read our complete guideHere.

In summary, the cheapest options are the following:

  • Polyester
  • Cotton Blend
  • artificial silk
  • synthetic fibers

But we would always recommend these higher quality fabrics if they are within the budget:

  • 100% cotton
  • To want
  • cashmere
  • Lino
  • that
  • Y
  • kammgarn

size and fit

While buying clothes online has become the norm, shopping for a suit online can still seem like a gamble when it comes to size and fit.

But fear not: designers have adapted to this market shift. All of the best men's suit brands have superbly tailored suits that will look good on everyone, regardless of their shape or size.

Most suit brands also have a size chart on their websites, so we highly recommend it.Measurementyourself at home and then line up your numbers with the size chart.

Short time: here are our top picks

Best Full Suit:suit supply
Best Australian:MJ Bale
Best Everyday Outfit:bonobos
The Best Affordable Suit:charles tyrwhit
The best suit with a difference:j-team

MJ Bale

The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (2)1/22

Sizes:Pants 30-44, jacket 36-55
Customer Reviews:“Best place for Australian menswear. Great equipment and quality clothing. Wonderful commitment to good values ​​and ethical fashion.”

M.J. Bale is Australia's leading tailor. The menswear label has just launched a new collection filled with fresh fabrics and designs, all available in a range of seasonal shades.

Featured pieces include:

  • The Gatsby Suit: Crafted from an essential summer seersucker fabric and available as a complete three-piece suit
  • the bottego: a pebble-colored three-piece suit with a matching smock that makes the transition from a suit on race day to the end of the day an absolute breeze

As always, all M.J. Bale expertly designed and manufactured with a quality that belies its price.

Whether your suit collection needs an update or you're new to your first suit, M.J. Bale is the first place you should buy.


The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (3)22.2

Sizes:Pants 28-44, jacket 36-46
Customer Reviews:"This is by far the most comfortable suit I have ever worn. I would sleep in it if I could. Fits great and super light. Highly recommend."

Bonobos hasn't just perfected tailored pants with their cool waistband design, but the American clothing brand has pretty much perfected the whole damn suit.

Bonobos has a wide range of men's suits, most of which are made of wool and some models are made of high-quality Italian wool.


Some styles, like the Jetsetter, have a bit of stretch for greater freedom of movement, and in addition to the usual shades of navy and gray, Bonobos also offers a wide range of suits in seasonal colours.

chief hugo

The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (4)22.3

Customer Reviews:"Noble, well made and a timeless garment."

German luxury fashion house Hugo Boss is known for its opulent range of clothing, accessories, shoes and fragrances.

Founded in 1924, with a highly controversial history (they produced Nazi party uniforms during World War II), the company turned to men's suits after the death of founder Hugo Boss in 1948.

The brand's reputation stands on its own, so let's keep it short: their suits may be more expensive than some of the other options on this list, but if you're looking for a luxurious suit, this is the brand for you.

suit supply

The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (5)22.4

Customer Reviews:"Suitsupply brings an impressive amount of experience and quality to the under $1000 tailored suit experience."

Suitsupply has experienced tremendous growth since its inception in the year 2000.

Suitsupply, a Dutch company, takes an alternative perspective on making men's clothing and accessories. Its vertical integration means you get quality Italian fabrics at a reasonable price.

Suitsupply has a great selection of impeccably tailored suits that easily rival the most prestigious and expensive brands on the market. You even have the option to create your own costume; From the fabric to the width of the lapels, you can choose everything. A tailored suit at an affordable price? Yes please!


The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (6)22.5

Customer Reviews:“Overall this suit is great. The texture, the fabric and the breathability are good.”

Ted Baker: the British tailor with a twist. Founded in 1988, Ted Baker has had a very clear and unwavering focus on quality and attention to detail since its inception.

Ted Baker suits take a modern approach to tailoring and are incredibly soft. His stylish selection is quite large: he can choose from many different cuts, fabrics, and colors.

Any Ted Baker suit will have you looking sharp and distinguished in no time.


The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (7)22.06

Customer Reviews:"The material is of good quality and the craftsmanship has held up well to some abuse and dry cleaning."

Since its founding by David Reiss in 1971, Reiss has established a design philosophy centered on creating designer menswear, womenswear and accessories.

With an unwavering commitment to offering innovative and original products, Reiss combines exceptional design, quality and value.

Tailoring that follows the trends but is also done with traditional techniques? With thoughtful tailoring, quality fabrics and clever designs, the Reiss men's suit collection is just that. They have everything from double-breasted blazers to classic three-piece tailored suits.

charles tyrwhit

The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (8)22.7

Sizes:Pants 30-44, jacket 36-48
Customer Reviews:“I am very impressed by the choice of materials and the quality. Of the pieces I've tried on, the fit is exactly what I expected and the finishing touches are well done.”

Charles Tyrwhitt strives to produce the best menswear in timeless style and without compromising on quality. Topped off with great prices and 'a dash of British charm to boot', this is a very suave brand.

Sitting at the cheaper end of the spectrum, Charles Tyrwhitt is an ideal provider for all your business needs. The company also produces a wide range of suits and tuxedos for more specialized events, giving each individual a commitment to quality.

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The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (9)22.8

Sizes:Pants 28-40, jacket 34-48
Customer Reviews:“Drakes is an extremely elegant store in every way. Excellent client service. Very good communication. Quality clothing. Highly recommended."

Established in East London in 1977, Drake's has become known for its 'relaxed elegance'.

The company prides itself on its commitment to craftsmanship and exacting quality. This, along with Drake's distinctive design sensibility, is the foundation for creating durable apparel and accessories of real value.

All Drake suits are made in Italy using the most meticulous construction methods to create an elegantly smooth silhouette. Drake also has a variety of linen and linen blend suits that are perfect for warm weather.

Todd Snyder

The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (10)22,9

Sizes:Pants 28-38, jacket 36-46
Customer Reviews:"Love this suit! Great contemporary slim fit and made of great fabric. Looks like a suit that could cost twice as much. Love it!"

Born in Iowa, Todd Snyder effortlessly creates everyday luxury items for the modern gentleman. Combining Savile Row craftsmanship with a downtown New York aesthetic, his clothes are relaxed, sophisticated and always impeccably tailored.

Todd Snyder has a wide range of formal and informal suits, both in timeless colors and prints, or bold colors and prints if you're feeling adventurous. Most suits are slim-fit, but there are more modern cuts as well; If you are adventurous and want to stand out, Todd Snyder is the suit brand for you.

ralph lauren

The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (11)22.10

Customer Reviews:"It's comfortable to wear. I was able to buy three suits for the first time in two decades. The flexibility of the fabric is an advantage when it comes to wearing it."

In 1967, Ralph Lauren showed up wearing a tie. Contrary to the trends of the time, Ralph Lauren launched a collection of loose ties that became an instant hit. Since then, the company has grown into a world-renowned fashion empire.

Ralph Lauren has a range of superbly tailored suits that are expertly tailored for a fitted look. These suits are on the more expensive side of the suit world, but you really are paying for quality. A Ralph Lauren suit fits you like a glove and will last you for many, many years.


The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (12)22.11

Customer Reviews:"I've been buying and wearing Ludlow suits since they came out. Now I have 6 fabrics in a row. No other suit fits as well and doesn't look as good."

J. Crew believes in "find a million dollars, don't spend it", which is why they source the best quality fabrics at the most affordable prices. All of their products are classics with a modern twist, which means you'll always look your best with J.Crew.

Preppy outfitter J. Crew has only one suit in its repertoire: the Ludlow. Available in a slim and classic fit, the Ludlow has been in style since 2008 and has only grown in popularity ever since.

It's a great affordable option for an original suit that's updated every few years to stay on trend. You can have the Ludlow in almost any color and in a structured or unstructured variant, the latter being a more casual option of course.

brooks brothers

The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (13)22.12

Customer Reviews:"I bought this suit after learning that JFK would be wearing it in Dallas. This is definitely a POWER suit! The wool is of the highest quality and gives an amazing drape over the shoulders and chest which I think really sets these suits apart." this suit from others”.

The oldest clothing retailer in the US is also still one of the best. Founded over 200 years ago, Brooks Brothers has been the supplier of choice for virtually every US President, as well as several of America's elite regiments.

(Video) Older Men Fashion 2022 | Older Men Outfit Ideas | Best Older Man Outfits | Just Men's Fashion 2022!

Today much of the Brooks Brothers range of suits will appeal to many corporate workers as the essential colors of grey, black and navy are dialed in and come in a variety of styles including solids and stripes. Collections like the 1818 line are made in the USA or Italy with fabrics woven in Italy, with many elements molded by hand.

Paul Smith

The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (14)13/22

Sizes:Hose 28-38, Jacket 36-46
Customer Reviews:"I've been a fan of Paul Smith for many years, I've always loved his style, the cool British style and the bold colours."

Known for his creative aesthetic that blends tradition and modernity, Paul Smith is one of Britain's leading designers. There's dry British humor behind every Paul Smith design: quirky but not frivolous, eccentric but not silly.

If you're feeling really bold, you can't go wrong with one of Paul Smith's suits. Don't be afraid to fold up the pants and trim the leg—you have a choice of two-piece, three-piece, and separate options in soft wool or mohair blends. Paul Smith suits are special because every man looks elegant in them, thanks to the brand's Parisian flair.

Savile Row Society

The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (15)14/22

Sizes:Pants 30-44, jacket 36-50
Customer Reviews:"Great workmanship and great quality. Much better value than my usual high street shop. Lots of size options.”

The Savile Row Company is dedicated to creating luxury clothing and accessories at affordable prices. This brand, which has been producing finely tailored garments since 1938, has become known throughout the world for its elegant products.

Savile Row Company suits are expertly tailored to a timeless shape and you can choose from classic styles in contrasting grey, navy and black. If you are looking for a suit that exudes elegance and sophistication, this is your brand.


The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (16)15/22

Sizes:Hose 34-50, Jacket 44-60
Customer Reviews:"Excellent fitted suit that travels well. Good quality and timeless style.”

Burberry, the luxury British fashion house founded in 1856, is best known for its signature trench coat. However, the brand produces a wide range of fine clothing and accessories.

When it comes to their range of suits, Anglophiles, rejoice. Burberry brings traditional British tailoring with a taste of old soul to the modern gentleman. He draws inspiration from classic fabrics, trims (sometimes plaid), and techniques, while introducing suits in newer shapes and updated materials.


The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (17)16/22

Customer Reviews:"Fits great, no tailoring required and looks like it was made especially for me."

Everlane prides itself on only working with ethical factories and using only the best materials in its products; They call it “Radical Transparency”. So you get high-quality clothing that will last you for many years, plus you get the good feeling of supporting a company that is strongly committed to fair wages and working conditions.

They only sell one suit, but it comes in navy and charcoal; both very elegant shades. Everlane calls it "The $300 Italian Suit," making it one of the more affordable suits on this list, but it's still top-notch. Made with wool from Tollegno, Italy, with a breathable lining and a slim fit, this suit is very comfortable; making it perfect for all occasions.

marks and spencer

The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (18)17/22

Customer Reviews:“Great slim fit, looks classy, ​​nice color and material. Very pleased."

Established in 1884, Marks and Spencer is a major British multinational retailer, commonly known as M&S. Known for making clothes, housewares and food, there's nothing M&S isn't good at, including its range of men's suits.

Combining impeccable craftsmanship with timeless designs, M&S suits are ideal for weddings and formal events, but also add a touch of professional style to your workwear. They have classic 3-piece suit styles and modern slim fits, all made from wool-blend fabrics for a luxurious feel. Also, they are super cheap!


The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (19)18/22

Sizes:Pants 28-42, jacket 34-42
Customer Reviews:“I love this brand! Customer service is extremely helpful, deliveries are on time and the quality of the suits is excellent!”

British haute couture retailer Burton has been producing quality fashion pieces for over a century. They have had a long love affair with men's suits and tailoring since the company was founded in 1903.

Designers work hard to ensure that all Burton suits are of the highest quality and affordable. You have a wide variety to choose from, from slim fit suits for men and slim fit suits for men to tailored suits and three piece suits for men. Exude elegance in a Burton suit, available in a variety of colors and patterns.

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The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (20)19/22

Sizes:Pants 26-46, jacket 32-52
Customer Reviews:"Looked like a delight. Fit was perfect. Quality was great. Great buy!"

British online retailer ASOS was founded in 2000, and since then its clothing has mainly targeted young adults. So whether you're a young man in need of a suit, or maybe you're a bit older and just want to rock the latest suit trends, ASOS' own line, ASOS Design, is perfect for you.

ASOS Design's range of men's suits offer contemporary slim and slim fit, and while they have suits in the traditional colors black, navy and grey, you can also find suits with a bit more style. They have playful colors like burgundy, mustard yellow, emerald green, and even a fully sequined bodysuit.

If you want to emulate the bold and unique style of Harry Styles, ASOS Design is the brand for you.


The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (21)20/22

Customer Reviews:"Every purchase I've made from Mango has been excellent, the quality is good and the prices are fair."

The Spanish clothing company Mango was founded in 1984 with one goal: to create clothing with a "Mediterranean essence". Mango garments achieve this through their natural and modern style combined with comfortable fabrics.

Mango has a great selection of wonderful suits. From classic options such as sober suits with straight silhouettes that never go out of style, to updated versions such as checked suits and other on-trend patterns that will allow you to refresh your wardrobe to express your personality. With a mango suit, you can "follow the dress code, but with your own rules."

Bank Jose A.

The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (22)21/22

Customer Reviews:“A very nice wool suit, especially for this price. The size is just right.”

Men's suits are the passion of American retailer Jos. A bank. Founded in 1905, the company prides itself on its heritage of quality craftsmanship, its wide selection of beautifully tailored casual and classic-fit apparel, and its prices are often 20 to 30 percent below the competition.

José R. Bank knows that the fit of his tailored suit is everything and believes that "a great fit ensures your style and confidence." They have three distinctive slim cuts: Traditional, Slim and Slim, allowing all shapes and sizes to find their perfect fit. All of José's costumes. A. Bench comes in classic colors and will make you look stylish anywhere.


The 22 Best Men's Suit Brands for Preppy Style in 2023 (23)22/22

Customer Reviews:
“Excellence without compromise. Every time I use Indochino, I am reminded of why they keep so many of their customers.”

Are you still worried about buying a suit online? Look no further than Indochino. Founded on the belief that you don't need to spend a fortune on a custom wardrobe, Indochino brings the premium made-to-order experience directly to the consumer and has created a superior alternative to off-the-shelf clothing. carry prices. This approach has enabled Indochino to become the world's largest exclusive bespoke clothing company.

They have a fantastic range of suits that you can buy as is or customize with your choice of fabrics, lapels, pockets, buttons, lining and even monograms. And of course, you can have all Indochino suits made to your exact measurements for the perfect fit.

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What do preppy guys wear? ›

Here's a quick guide to the basics you need in your closet.
  • Medium Wash Jeans. Too many men wear faded out 90's color blue jeans because it's all they've ever known. ...
  • Khakis or Chinos. ...
  • Navy and Khaki Shorts. ...
  • Shorts with a Minor Pattern. ...
  • Casual Polos. ...
  • Button Downs. ...
  • Short Sleeve Button Downs. ...
  • A Few Nice, White T-Shirts.
Apr 12, 2019

Is preppy back in style? ›

If you're a dedicated follower of fashion, you may have noticed all of these signs, all suggesting one thing: preppy style is back. It's not a trend, exactly—trends come and go, but something as foundational to American style as a cableknit sweater or a popped collar is never going to disappear forever.

What brands are like Fred Perry? ›'s top 5 competitors in December 2022 are:,,,, and more.

What shoes do preppy people wear? ›

Here are some excellent shoes to wear with your preppy outfit.
  • New Balance Made in the UK 991. ...
  • NikeCraft Tom Sachs General Purpose Shoe. ...
  • OFFICINE GÉNÉRALE -Brown Suede Mika Penny Loafers. ...
  • Common Projects Track. ...
  • YUKETEN Full-Grain Leather Boat Shoes. ...
  • Saye Modelo '89 Vegan.
Aug 16, 2022

What color is preppy style? ›

Preppy Style Patterns

While white, black, navy and nude are the most common colors for preppy clothing, patterns play a key role in preppy outfits. Stripes, polka dots, plaid, and florals are all common patterns seen on tops, pants, skirts, and accessories.

What is the current trend in men's suits? ›

Oversized Look

Suiting which was previously considered completely dressy and fitted is now becoming more relaxed. Instead of traditional fitted jackets and trousers, an oversized look is trending in 2021 (great for those who've put on some extra weight during the lockdown!).

What is the most popular men's suit color? ›

Navy suits

Navy is the most popular men's suit color, hands down, making up 50% of all suits. It makes sense, as the colour navy represents power and authority — both traits one wants to feel when they wear a suit. That's why navy is known as the presidential suit color.

What 5 suits should a man own? ›

The Five Must-Have Suits You Need in Your Wardrobe.
  • The Black Suit. A black suit is a classic that every man should have; a sartorial introduction to the world of tailoring. ...
  • The Navy Suit. Next on our list of must-have suits is the navy suit. ...
  • The Grey Suit. ...
  • The Brown Suit. ...
  • The Tan Suit.

What clothes are considered preppy? ›

Shirts and tops in light colours, pastels or simple patterns and with a conservative neckline. Traditionally, preppy looks opted for slim cuts, but now the trend is heading towards looser, cropped clothing. Cardigans and sweaters should be short, classic and in neutral or light tones.

What is a preppy guy? ›

/ˈprep.i/ a young person from a rich family who goes to an expensive school and who wears expensive, tidy clothes. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What does it mean to be a preppy boy? ›

Preppies are young people who have often been to an expensive private school and who are conventional and conservative in their attitudes, behavior, and style of dress. [mainly US] adjective. If you describe someone or their clothes, attitudes, or behavior as preppy, you mean that they are like a preppy.

What do I wear to a preppy style? ›

How to Look Preppy
  • 1 Wear 1 or 2 items in a solid color.
  • 2 Include 1 patterned piece in your look.
  • 3 Wear khaki trousers or a skirt.
  • 4 Invest in simple pieces for your wardrobe.
  • 5 Choose neutral colors as the base for your outfit.
  • 6 Choose a statement sweater.
  • 7 Avoid wearing revealing clothing.


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